Welding  Processes

    T.I.G.,  M.I.G.,  F.C.A.W / Stick,  G.M.A.W,  hot and cold spray weld processes, semi-auto sub arc O.D., welding and semi-auto

    M.I.G. I.D. welding.  ( We have up to 500 amps to weld heavy steels and aluminum. )   

    Materials Welded Include

   Aluminum alloys, steel alloys, stainless steels, brasses and bronzes, cast / nodular irons,  nickel alloys,  hard facing and more.

   We also offer silver and soft soldering.  ( We also offer sanitary / food grade welding procedures. )

Weld  / Fab. Equipment

    6000 lb. welding positioner:  To quickly position our heavier work for ease of welding and faster job turn around.

    5 ft. x 8 ft. Fabrication table:  Used to secure or pre-stress our fabrications while welding to maintain accuracy.

    54 in. x 120 in.  servograph flame cutting table:  Plate cutting up to 6 in. Also plasma cutting up to 1/2 in. Alm. 

    or 5/8  stainless  steel. 

    50 ton shop press.


    25 ton porta-power / puller

    Semi - automatic O.D. Sub. arc welding machine:  24 in. dia. x 12 ft. length work piece capacity.  Extra length is  

     possible.  ( With this machine we are able to produce high quality welds good for wear and high corrosion areas for      

     seals, bearing areas,  rollers and more.  Also work hardening, and hard surface welding is commonly done for   mining,  

     aggregate,  extrusion,  power generation,  municipalities,  pump rebuilding industry, abrasives,  and much more. )

    Semi - automatic I.D. welding machine:  14 in I.D. x 32 in deep.

    De-Greasing:  33 in. wide x 54 in. high.  ( This is a Storm Vulcan hot water/detergent pressurized spray cabinet type. )     

Welding & Fabrication 

Over 50yrs. combined experience

We are a Job Shop that has been serving central New York and surrounding areas  for almost 40 years.  We are a manual machine and welding facility which strives and specializes in refurbishing,  improving,  or manufacturing new, worn or damaged parts.  Some of the industries served but are not limited include:  Aggregate,  abrasive, agricultural,  construction, oil extrusion,  bio-fuel,  salt, industrial pump,  municipalities, food, lumber, prototype and more. 


Rogers Welding & Machine

Turning & Boring Capacities

    King Vertical Turret lathe:  60 in dia. swing x 42 in height.

    Lion Engine lathe:  20 in dia. swing x 80 in plus length with steady rest.

    Monarch Engine lathe:  37 in dia. swing x 156 in plus length with steady rest.

Milling Capacities

    Bullard Horizontal boring mill:  63 in x axis x 53 in y axis x 32 in spindle travel.  4 in dia. spindle. The machine is able      to  accept work with dimensions up to 10 feet- plus depending on the part configuration.  We have an indexing table  and 

    outboard support for line-boring. We also have various other fixtures like angle plates,  parallels, and v-blocks to set up a  

    wide variety of jobs. 


    Cincinnati vertical mill:

    Bridgeport vertical mill:


    Norton surface grinder :  10 in x 36 in

    Coval surface grinder :  6 in x 12 in

    Landis cylindrical grinder :  14  31/32 dia. x 24 in. plus length with steady rest.


    Cincinnati Bickford radial drill:  3 ft. arm x 9 in. column. 0-3 in dia. drilling.

    Bullard HBM:  Can handle larger capacity drilling, milling, tapping, and boring.



    Pratt & Whitney precision 2A jig boring machine:

    ( 0-50 in dia. plus have been performed at our facility. Deep hole, and line boring are common as well.)

    Bullard Horizontal boring mill

    King vertical turret lathe

    Monarch lathe

    Portable boring and line boring machines

    We have other various  mills and lathes able to perform boring operations.

Shaping, Slotting

    Pratt and Whitney vertical slotter:  12 in stroke.

    ( This machine creates custom key ways,  SAE and metric, spline and gear profiles and many other uncommon shapes. )